our passions, through music


Live music gets people interested and excited like few other things can; it can be the difference between an agreeable time and a memorable time. That's why we strive to deliver the perfect experience via music according to what the occasion needs.

We've felt the joy of kids laughing and stopping to dance instead of just passing by; we've noticed the extra spark runners get as they gear up for a race; we've seen reserved individuals, who came just to watch, become emboldened to share the stage alongside seasoned performers. These emotions all encapsulate what we feel music is all about: evoking healthy emotions and connecting people through music.


our musical journey


Back in his teens,  Alwin was learning classical piano, but he felt much happier playing pop songs that he could identify with. He started learning guitar and strove to learn other instruments so he could write out and learn hit songs to play and sing with friends.

Fast forward several years; throughout his school and working life, Alwin has been playing in many different bands in various roles and instruments, including numerous jam sessions where musicians just spontaneously play together. When he stumbled across open mic events in 2015, he became intrigued when he saw any venue could be a jumping off point for great live music when handled appropriately. With his technological and business expertise developed through working in technology, he's been honing his musical craft in performance, collaborating with more and more musicians, and keeping up with equipment improvements and all the behind-the-scenes preparation needed.

This is just a start for Alwin; he's ready to spread the joy of live music as far as he can.